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In light of the recent announcement of Doug Ford to further scale back essential services, we are doing our part to continue to make the current choices to support our staff, clients and patients every step of the way. Please continue to be patient with these changes and be aware the situation continues to evolve daily, as well as the recommendations. Currently these are the protocols that we are following:

  1. We continue with a locked door policy. We are accepting patients, but communicating with owners over the phone to limit contact and to promote social distancing
  2. When booking appointments we will be asking you health questions regarding the people in your household to limit risks from infected households
  3. Whenever possible we will be attaching our own leash to your dog and asking you to detach yours before we take your dog into the building
  4. With cats we ask that they be contained in a clean cat carrier that has been wiped down
  5. Please do not send your pet with personal objects from home as they cannot be accepted at this time
  6. We will only be accepting touchless forms of payment. We ask that you pay with Visa or Mastercard. If this is impossible, please speak to management for further options in advance of your appointment.
  7. We will further be limiting the types of appointments we are performing to concentrate on urgent care as advised by the province
  8. We ask that you think about the nature of your request before calling. Would you be taking your own similar problem to a human walk-in at this time? For instance we will not be performing “emergency” nail trims, however if a dog has a painful, broken and bleeding nail that needs to be seen.
  9. We are working with our insurance providers diligently to try and be able to provide delivery service in the near future so please stay tuned
  10. We continue to have delivery delays from our supplier which can be more than a week especially for nutrition products: Please plan ahead, but we can only allow ordering of medication up to 3 month supplies and food up to 2 month supply to limit the stress on the supply chain
  11. Please avoid interactions with staff in the parking lot, if there is further information to communicate – return to your vehicle and call the clinic again. All interaction can be performed over the phone to keep everyone safe
  12. Please understand that wait times may be increased and we need your phone line to stay open so that we can communicate properly

Thank you for your continued support and understanding. This is unprecedented times and we all need each other’s support. Stay safe!

Dr. Adepoju and Dr. Horner


We’re at 5685 Hazeldean Road, Unit #4.

Dr. Horner, Dr. Adepoju and their team invite you to their beautiful animal hospital, between Stittsville and Kanata.  You’ll appreciate the pride they take in their hospital and professional approach to animal care.

You’ll feel confident that they will help you to understand your pet’s health needs so you can make informed decisions every step of the way. You won’t be intimidated by medical jargon that you don’t understand.

You’ll love their family-centric approach where even the staff have become a family.