Routine Healthcare_DSC7157

Your pets may receive full physical exams, parasite prevention, screening blood work, x-rays, risk assessments and more to help develop a preventive health plan to allow for early detection of underlying diseases, which will lead to a longer, healthier life.


An individual vaccination plan will be created for your pet to best achieve risk versus benefit balance for your loved one. We use the leading edge in vaccination technology including the longest labelled protection for both dogs and cats, feline vaccines without adjuvants (enhancers) and canine rabies without aluminum. This results in for fewer vaccine reactions and the best protection for your pet.


Blood Work

Our in house laboratory includes state of the art equipment  that can provide information on blood cell, organ and electrolyte issues.  Results can be obtained in as little as 20 minutes. This information allows us to treat and diagnose sick or pre-op patients immediately, to allow for quick treatment and recovery. More specialized testing can be performed by our full service external lab, often with next day results.


Many soft tissue surgeries are performed by Dr. Horner, Dr. Adepoju and Dr. Baird including spays, neuters, _DSC7278-1urinary and intestinal surgeries.  All surgeries are constantly monitored by registered veterinary technicians with equipment that measures heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. This permits the fastest response times to anesthetic concerns and quicker recoveries for your pet. More complicated and orthopedic surgeries can be performed on site by board certified veterinary surgeons which allows your loved one to be treated at their regular hospital where they are comfortable.

X-ray and Ultrasound

On site digital x-ray equipment allows for fast processing time and little radiation exposure to your pet as well as our staff. Complicated x-rays or x-rays on very anxious patients can be performed asleep as we have full anaesthesia in our x-ray room. We also have access to a local ultrasound specialist who comes to our hospital to perform ultrasound and endoscopy to help aid in the diagnosis and management of many diseases. All these services allow your pet to be diagnosed quickly and efficiently so that they can feel better sooner.

Dental tartar


Your pet can receive all basic dental care in our hospital including cleaning, polishing, digital x-rays and oral surgery including extractions. Digital x-rays give immediate images to allow for quick assessment of tooth integrity which helps doctors know how to proceed. Extractions are performed expertly by our doctors with current oral surgery techniques. Owners are educated regarding home care of their pet’s teeth via preventive maintenance plans. Excellent dental techniques result in less pain, complications, and help your pet maintain their oral health longer.


Information Technology

With today’s advancing technology, we strive to keep up to date. We use office management software that integrates with our lab machines, x-ray, and external lab to keep all your pet’s info in one location. We use the Pet Partner app to ease communication with clients regarding upcoming appointments and ordering meds/diets. We also use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and our website to keep you informed and current. Having access to all of your pet’s information in one place, makes it easier for the whole team to give you the best service.

Disease Management

_DSC7211Tailored get-well health plans work to get your pet on their feet after an illness or help manage a disease process throughout your pet’s life.  Specialized equipment includes an oxygen cage, oxygen ports in exam rooms, IV fluid pumps, warmers that sense patient temperature and adjust, non invasive blood pressure monitoring,  intraocular pressure equipment (tonopen) and much more. Sick patients are accommodated in cages that are in full view by staff at all times. After going home patients are followed to ensure they continue to improve. Intimate management of each case allows each patient to get the specific treatment and care they need to get better as quickly as possible.

Euthanasia and Cremation Services

Compassionate timely end of life care will be provided to you at the difficult time of making these hard decisions. You will be walked through the process of euthanasia and after care with empathetic caregivers by your side. Hazeldean Animal Hospital partners with Gateway Pet Memorial services to provide any request that you may have at this time for aftercare.